Want a better world? Here’s the question you must ask

woman pondering question in cg - question about making a better world

There’s one important question I think will bring about a better world

It’s not a difficult.

It’s simple, actually.

The question will improve everything. It will help us cure disease, pep up our love lives and give us runaway success in work. It will bring communities together and link people all around the world in a common goal of goodwill.

You can tell that I’m baiting you here. I’m holding off so you’ll read more stuff.

Like this next sentence. Thanks for reading that.

Right, right. I’ll get on with it then.

I’ll tell you what the question is.

The question you need to be asking to bring about a better world

Drum roll, please.

The question is: “what can I do to make this better.”

Okay, I know it’s not exciting. It’s not edgy or sexy. But it is something which – if we all learned to ask it continuously, would definitely make for a better world.

It would create a new, positive attitude, it would fend off the blues and it would advance society at a rate even faster than that which we have  done so before.

Why it is a natural question to ask

The problem with the question is that it sounds like business claptrap. It sounds like the sort of thing that would be used as some kind of horrible forced thinking.

As you know, I don’t agree with forced thinking. It is unhealthy. It goes against the very fabric of who we are.

But don’t start worrying now. I’m not going there.

Because I know life would not be great if you were gritting your teeth all of the time and trying to remember one phrase over and over.

I don’t believe it would be that difficult to habitually ask this question. In fact, I don’t even have to create any exercise for this. We don’t have to establish any new routine if you’re in. We don’t need it.


Well, for a starter, I think that it will be a natural thing to think and feel. The important thing that we have to understand is that we are BUILT – literally built on this question. Whether you look at the world from a creationist or evolutionist point of view, it really doesn’t matter. Humanity was put on this earth to grow and become better. To naturally improve who they are and also improve their environment.

But how does this apply in the every day world?

It does so by allowing us to think both optimistically and critically of the world around us. You don’t think broadly about a better world with this question. You think about each thing you come across.

Then, you look at making it better. It’s all done in nice, bite-size chunks suitable for any Millennial.

Here’s how the question would work its way into your life. You get up and make breakfast. How can you make it better? Not nicer, not quicker to eat. Better.

Maybe you add fruit to your cereal, or put some nutritious seeds in your porridge.

You realise you have flown out of the door without speaking properly to your family. How can you make it better? By getting up earlier – maybe by asking the rest of the family if they want to get up earlier too.

You travel to work and, stuck in a jam, you feel irritated. This ALWAYS happens you think as your heckles rise.

How can you make it better? Well perhaps pick another route, head out earlier or if none of those things can be done maybe turn the heating down in the car. After all is that why you are getting hot under the collar.

See how it can help you step back, even in the heat of the moment? It puts a nice break between you and any negativity.

Back to your day.

Inevitably, you finally get to work. You meet your colleagues. And by that time you realise the possibilities are endless when it comes to this simple question.

You can ask yourself how to make relationships, processes, physical layouts and plans better. You can do so much to improve EVERYTHING


It is such a basic and simple thing. How do we make things better? But it can and will make for a better world.

And it is not as hard as you think. Remember when you didn’t go to your boss with solutions, only problems? See how that changed as life moved on? Imagine that type of paradigm shift applied to everything.

It would be a winning formula for all of us.

All we have to do is push ahead with it. Start by doing. It will make you feel better, and when you feel better you look better. Then people will want to know why. How are you suddenly so much brighter, so much more on the ball?

Then, perhaps, you can tell them.