Nine of the best travel bloggers to follow in 2017 and get inspiration

Today I take a look at nine of the best travel bloggers to follow in 2017. These writers have been picked for two things – first is the quality of the travel of the travel blogs themselves. Second is how inspiring they are: do they encourage you to follow in their footsteps, either as a traveller or as an aspiring writer?

So in no particular order, here are the sites I have picked. If you have any travel bloggers in mind which you think should make the list then be sure to mention them in the comments. If I get enough I may do a follow-up list.

Best Travel bloggers #1 – Family Without Borders

One blog I found really inspiring is Family Without Borders. It centres on a couple who believe that having young children is a positive part of their travels, rather than something that holds them back.

It’s a well-designed and well put together blog as well. That should come as no surprise: the site is written by a couple comprised of a journalist (Anna) and a photographer (Thomas).

There’s tonnes to get into – from practical tips on staying over in different places whilst constantly being on the move right through to how some cultures deal with death. And there’s also the customary destination blog posts here, present and correct, about places as diverse as Mexico and Poland.

Keep up with their latest developments on their Facebook page.

Best Travel bloggers #2 – A Lady in London

Don’t be fooled by the title. A Lady In London, Julie Falconer, might live in the capital of England, but she has visited 104 countries and counting so far.

There’s tonnes to chose from, but one thing I appreciate being a fellow UK resident is that she has a fresh eye for what is great about these isles. She takes trips to stunning spots in places like the Scottish Hebrides and Wales. One thing I do appreciate about my homeland is that there is tonnes to talk about and photograph. Something that is done with a real flare here.

And the blog flows really well: click a post about a destination, and she takes you from place to place like a guided tour.

And Julie has just launched second edition of her how-to book so you too can escape the grey world of office cubicles and build your own travel blogging business!

Best Travel bloggers #3 – Mrs O Around the World

What if marathon budget trips or long rambles are not your thing?

Well, Mrs O Around the World (Ana Silva O’Reilley) is here to reset the balance. Ana does a great job taking you through the more comfortable places you can stay. But she doesn’t stop there.

Because she goes into some depth about the details of planning a trip – as well as looking at possible pitfalls. And it’s worth paying attention to: on one post she casually mentions she saved £8,000 on one trip just by making a slight course alteration. So don’t think this is a blog about needlessly splashing out. It isn’t.

Meanwhile, the photos of beautiful lush resorts are well worth a look even if this is not quite your way of travelling.

Best Travel bloggers #4 – Land Lopers

Like Mrs O, Matt Long of Land Lopers is not about living life on a financial knife edge. He has a house and three dogs that depend on him. So he’s not the sort of nomadic traveller some may struggle to aspire to. Not everyone wants to got the full Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week route.

Instead, Land Lopers provides what we often feel we need when we venture out of our depth – a well-travelled companion. Long’s posts are peppered with fantastic visuals, but are elaborated upon by local history as well as smart advice for getting around and spotting things you might otherwise never encounter on your trips abroad.

Best Travel bloggers #5 – The Hungry Partier

It’s great getting to where you are going, throwing your bags down a taking a breather. But what if you still have energy to burn?

The Hungry Partier is a walk on the wilder side. When the sun sets and the tourist spots pull their ropes across the ticket booths, this is where you need to look to keep your holiday going.

It offers a breathtaking array of authentic eateries as well as hidden nightspots where you can party through the night.

It borrows its strength from two quarters. First, the site has a singular, clear vision having originated as a personal blog. Second, it has expanded to take in contributions from other bloggers now it has become a full-fledged network.

Best Travel bloggers #6 – The Garfors Globe

The Garfors Globe is, when you peek beneath the hood, a well crafted travel blog with a twist.

It’s not just a well-written travel blog about top destinations around the world. It’s also a site with quirky lists, details of blogger Gunnar Garfors’ unconventional take on travelling (such as gunning for a Guinness World Record) and helps you to do other things – like avoid having the exact same holiday as every tourist and get your head around issues like terrorist threats.

If, as it says, this blog aims to get people to travel more often then I’m confident it will have succeeded many times over.

Best Travel bloggers #7 – Travel Yourself

What I especially like about the blog Travel Yourself is that it is a sign of what you could do as a potential travel blogger – should you want to step into the shoes of these global adventurers.

The creator of the blog, Cailin O’Neil, started off like many will have. She built the site to tell loved ones where she was and what it was she was doing. But then the blog took off…

There’s a wealth of material that should suit every type of traveller. For every one person wanting to know about Maui, there will be one that will want to know the best places for food at Universal Studios Orlando.

Best Travel bloggers #8 – Land Cruising Adventure

And now for something completely different.

The Land Cruising Adventure travel blog is about a Dutch couple – Karin-Marijke and Coen – who left everything behind to see the world in their 4×4.

And it looks to have been a roaring success because they have now been travelling across the world for 14 years – meaning they have lots of experience and travel smarts to share with us.

What’s particularly wonderful about this site is that there’s plenty for 4×4 fans and those bitten by wanderlust alike.

Best Travel bloggers #9 – Roam Magazine

Roam has a great eye for photography – it’s no surprise that one of the two well-travelled Yorkshire sisters who have built this site is represented by Getty Images.

The site is one of the best looking on this list. It has a fantastically clean feel, and its layout makes me feel almost like I’m flicking through the pages of National Geographic.

Not only do they photograph dazzling vistas and busy streets, but take a moment to focus in on the eclectic range of people that populate the far flung lands they show us.


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