Six super-interesting psychology blogs to follow throughout 2017!

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Looking for the best psychology blogs to follow this year? Check out this hand-picked selection.

So today I thought I would share with you a series of great blogs on all things psychology. I’ve tried to find an array of different sites, and not simply rely upon a Google search for “psychology blog”. Skipping some of the obvious picks, these sites will take you beneath the surface of a broad and interesting topic.

Oh, and they’re in absolutely no particular order, but I thought I’d number them for ease of reference.

Psychology blog #1: Research Digest

What is it? A blog written by some of the UK’s best psychology experts. It presents the latest research in a fascinating and easy-to-read style. It’s overseen by the British Psychological Society.

Visit for: A wonderfully broad spectrum of topics – from the existential “what is ‘now'” to exploring the mindsets of the modern workforce. Normally you have to pay to get hold of journal-published research, so this digest provides a genuine service.

Stay for: The Android and IOS apps, and the podcasts as well.

Psychology blog #2: The Media Psychology Blog

What is it? A look across how psychology affects and proliferates all forms of modern media. It’s overseen by the non-profit Media Psychology Research Centre, headed by Dr Pamela Rutledge. I can’t overstate how important it is to follow a site like Routledge’s. What we call “media” is constantly reinventing itself, and all too often we see new things as automatically “bad” or dangerous. What we have to do is counterbalance this by reading impartial research, not just give in to our fears of the new. Case in point: one of Routledge’s recent posts was about how selfies are not necessarily narcissism but a form of empowerment. Another point to remember is we all produce media now; whether that’s through professional work or through Facebook in our spare time. This blog is an important way to understand how we affect those on the receiving end of what we create.

Visit for: A grasp on things subtly affecting your everyday experience, as well as newer phenomena which might affect those closest to you – but which you don’t yet understand.

Stay for: The fact that Dr Rutledge consults on media projects. If you have a business of any kind then this is a huge deal. Everything these days is about tapping the online zeitgeist. You simply can’t do that without a grasp of media psychology

Psychology blog #3: Psyblog

What is it? Dr Jeremy Dean’s popular website about all things psychology. Dean’s interesting because unlike many experts he didn’t start out in this area. He began by studying law before working in the internet industry and then racking up three University degrees in psychology. I think this gives him a very different and accessible way of describing often complex subjects. His choice of said topics, equally, is always very interesting.

Visit for: The dazzling array of articles which gets constantly updated. It often encourages you to things to think through as you read – via means such as quick quizzes, or points to ponder about your own psychological state.

Stay for: Dean’s two books which – if you read my blog – should be right up your alley. One is on dealing with anxiety, whilst the other is all about motivation.

Psychology blog #4: Laura’s Psychology Blog

What is it? A very concise digest of psychology research from around the world. The blog is put together by psychology professor Dr Laura Freberg, and it looks at both psychology and neuroscience.

Visit for: Stunning and often unusual stories emerging around the globe – like how apparently we might be able to exercise just with pills! These stories are delivered as concise summaries of what Freberg is currently reading. As you know I love a good list, as these can take you to other blogs and sites and help you expand your own resources over time.

Stay for: Summaries of more detailed, less pop-sciency stuff. This is definitely a good blog for both students and professionals in the field as well as the interested layperson – you can dive in as deep as you would like. Definitely a blog to bookmark for the long term.

Psychology blog #5: Romeo Vitelli’s blog

What is it? The blog is written by a psychologist who has worked in the prison system. The site takes in a vast array of historical psychological issues, as well as discoveries from the present.

Visit for: A unique look into the past – often at how yesteryear authorities scratched their heads at what would then have been new and unusual psychological conditions. An interesting perspective – suggesting that despite how far we think we have come we might still have a lot to learn. I think it is important to remind people how we encountered and dealt with issues in the past, and this blog explores that brilliantly.

Stay for: A quick way to get to Vitelli’s Psychology Today articles, which cover a wide range of issues in his very readable and compelling style.

Psychology blog #6: Peter Shallard – The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

What is it? Well, we have had our historical and media specialists in this list – Shallard focuses on the mindset of the entrepreneur. He is a business consultant and therapist.

Visit for: A vast array of interesting coverage – including how we’re exploited by gurus and how entrepreneurs can self-sabotage. The whole thing is set against a blog site that has its own unique look and feel. This blog’s really important for those who have their own business, or play a prominent role in a company and want to make a difference.

Stay for: Peter Shallard’s services. Peter’s a trainer and a consultant … so for jet-setters who need some assistance, this could well be your first and last stop. Unlike many experts, he has made big career transitions himself, so he practices what he teaches.


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