7 great positivity and happiness blogs to follow in 2017

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It’s often hard to find great positivity and happiness blogs – but today Conrad picks seven (in no particular order) which he thinks will keep you enthralled throughout 2017.

The Positivity Blog

A good all-round site with plenty of depth.

I really like The Positivity Blog. Not only does it look really good (the articles are accompanied by a great choice of inspiring and beautiful photos) but there’s plenty of substance as well. Henrik Edberg, a journalism major who runs the site, has gone for a predominantly list-based format – but has made sure there is la lot of depth to what he has to say. This is great because although lists are a handy thing in an internet awash with information, often the error is to have little or no detail.

It loads up lightning fast as well, which is great news if you’re out and about – no more watching a circle go round and round on your phone browser .. not unless you have truly terrible coverage.

Good for reading when: on the bus or being stuck in a waiting room – there’s plenty to read in this positivity and happiness blog, so its worth having a little time.

Visit for: the solid emotional advice when dealing with life’s setbacks

… but stay for: the courses. Edberg runs a wide range of them, so if you want to move things up a notch you can.


Emm’s Positivity Blog

Great looking inspiring images and messages

I really like this blog because it’s so simple – a fantastic place to get a quick feelgood boost. Emm Roy is an artist who creates her own “doodles” (as she calls them) using Photoshop. It very much resonates with me because I create drawings for Motivational 101 – and know that producing at the level Emm does (definitely above my paygrade) must be no small thing.

The messages which accompany them are wonderful as well. There are affirmations for everyone to live by here – or to send to friends who need a pick-me-up. Yes, that’s right – Roy lets you share the images as long as it’s for non-commercial use (check the FAQs on the site for more details).

There are even clear descriptions for the visually impaired where most bloggers would cram in a load of SEO keywords.

There’s also a chance to get behind the scenes by supporting her on Patreon – something I’d ask you to consider. You get bonus art, comics and more in exchange for a small monthly donation.

Good for reading when: you need a pick-me-up – and fast

Visit for: the wonderful artwork

… but stay for: the chance to sponsor an artist and get some great exclusive art


Positively Present

A very good looking and professional blog site with a stylish and artful feel to it.

Run by author Dani DiPirro, this site is not only perhaps the best-looking blog on this list in terms of site design, but it also has some of the most novel approaches as well.

Not only is there a wealth of carefully thought-out pieces – everything from coping with meltdowns to having fun on a low budget – but there are regularly published lists of things DiPirro has discovered on her journeys around the web. Think of it like her own mini-Reddit: there are images, music choices and YouTube videos (including some of her own).

The breadth of content she promotes means you will soon have a fantastic list of regular resources across the internet to visit each week.

Her most recent book, by the way, has earned some glowing reviews.

She also has a very professional Etsy shop.

Good for reading when: you want to expand your horizons in terms of positivity- and happiness-focused reading material

Visit for: the fantastic regular lists of external content (as well as plenty of her own excellent work)

…but stay for: The Etsy store it links to, her YouTube Channel and her books

One Positive Blog

A simple but wonderfully philosophical positivity and happiness blog.

Written by Magdalena, an economics graduate, One Positive Blog is joyously minimal.

Whilst the rest of us are cramming our blog posts with headers and images, Magdalena has kept her site free of clutter. The focus is on the writing itself.

The posts are easy to digest, and discuss clear principles and concepts. The range is very wide – from the notion of belief shaping reality to dating advice. But don’t be fooled – despite the simple appearance and the nice quick-to-read posts, Magdalena often writes with depth and a philosophical flair.

She’s also begun vlogging as well – something well worth checking out.

Good for reading when: you need some quick inspiration – perhaps on a short bus or tube journey

Visit for: an inspiring, positive fast read

…but stay for: the philosophical and thoughtful writing style

Brian Tracy International

Lots of great positive lessons for professionals at all levels.

Brian Tracy, a coach and speaker, focuses his site primarily on the working professional – although he has a whole section for just “personal success”, so it’s worth checking out even if this normally wouldn’t be your thing.

And speaking of sections, this site feels VAST. There are four sections in all: in addition to “personal success”, there’s “sales success”, “business success” and “leadership success”. Each one feels like a good book’s worth of material – there’s (in all) 79 pages of blog posts – and each of those pages has about eight articles on them to click through and read.

I love the tone of this site. It’s very grounded and reassuring. Tracy has given more than 5,000 talks in his time and it shows: each sentence in his lengthy blog posts is crammed with detail.

Good for reading when: you have plenty of time – over a coffee on a weekend morning … or when you get the pang to do some work-related research whilst relaxing by the pool on holiday.

Visit for: the highly detailed blog posts

… but stay for: a huge wealth of books and training kits

Positive Outlooks Blog

Timeless quotes accompanied by stunning photographs

You know all those heartwarming photos which you see shared on social media – the ones with inspiring quotes?

Well, this site is absolutely full of them.

The photography and font choices are excellent, and the website owners say they have created most of them.

This is a really simple site to browse through, but its real strength is when you consider there are a wealth of uplifting quotes and photographs uploaded there almost every day.

Good to read when: you need a quick boost – or when you’re looking for some inspiring timeless wisdom

Visit for: the lovely choices of photographs

…but stay for: the well chosen quotes


The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Follow a man whose job is to make people happy.

I can’t think of a more fun/demanding role than Chief Happiness Officer, but that’s the gig which Alexander Kjerulf has at Woohoo inc – a business which focuses on making staff everywhere feel good about work.

Consequently, this is a whole different take on what a happiness and positivity blog should be about. Although the above sites are very different, they have a lot in common too. This blog, meanwhile, follows Kjerulf as he takes part in meetings across the globe with various influencers in public health, business and government. His outlook is therefore unique, and provides an insightful yet breezy insight into a separate world to that of grey office buildings, targets and interpersonal conflict.

His posts instead shoot down common misconceptions about happiness at work, as well as provide a series of inspiring ideas as to how we can make our working world a better place.

Good to read when: you’re trying to re-think your business/job values, goals and objectives

Visit for: the unique take on positivity and work

… but stay for: the eye-opening ideas he and others are coming up with to improve our working lives